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I have tabcontroller have multiple navigation controllers. Touching different tabs will goto different naviagtion controller. How do I programmatically goto different tabs?

Normally, I go there by touching.

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In your TabBarController, you can set the selectedViewController property to the view controller of the tab you want to become active:

myTabBarController.selectedViewController = aViewController;

Alternatively, if you know the index number of the view controller in the TabBarController's viewControllers array, you can set that:

myTabBarController.selectedIndex = 2; // selects the third view controller in myTabBarController.viewControllers
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Based on my bad experience on using selected Index, i suggest using selectedViewController over selectedIndex. Simply because, in future if you insert any tab before that index, it breaks the UI flow. So safe it to use SelectedViewController. –  Jeyara May 27 '11 at 3:09

You can use set value to selectedIndex for your tabViewController [your tabviewcontroller].selectedIndex = 1;

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