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I have a strange issue with dropdown boxes in jsp/servlet. Here it is...

  <select name="locdropdown" onchange="javascript:change()" > 
for(LocationDO locationDO : locationList){%>
<option value=<%=locationDO.getLocationName().trim()%>><%=locationDO.getLocationName().trim()%></option> 
<%} %>

values displayed are:

 BI Sholingar
 BI Mahindra City
 BI Sanand 
 Aztec Auto Ltd
 BI Gurgoan

and here is how I try to read it in servlet.

String locclasses = req.getParameter("locdropdown");

assume I select Aztec Auto Ltd then expected output from servlet is same right. But output is Aztec. similarly, if I select BI Sanand, the actual output that comes is BI

Can someone help please

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You need to quote the value.

<option value="<%=locationDO.getLocationName().trim()%>">

The space is namely a HTML attribute separator. A browser with a bit decent syntax highlighter would already have hinted it when you have checked the generated HTML by rightclick page > View Source.

<option value=Aztec Auto Ltd>


<option value="Aztec Auto Ltd">
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thanks. it worked – narayanan May 27 '11 at 4:37
You're welcome. The onchange="javascript:change()" in your code makes by the way no utter sense. It's basically calling itself. Remove it. Using scriptlets is also discouraged. I'd suggest to investigate taglibs/EL. – BalusC May 27 '11 at 4:39
Please accept the answer if you find it helpful – Mahendra May 27 '11 at 4:40
@mahendraliya: an answer can at earliest be accepted 15 minutes after the question is been posted. – BalusC May 27 '11 at 4:41
It was not letting me to accept it within few minutes. Accepted now. Actually javascript:change() is making some work for me. I have not attached the entire jsp. So you may not see the purpose. – narayanan May 27 '11 at 4:48

As said by BalusC in his answer the problem is with your value assignment.

Modify your code as :

<select name="locdropdown" onchange="javascript:change()" > 
for(LocationDO locationDO : locationList)
<option value="<%=locationDO.getLocationName().trim()%>" >


Hope this helps.

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That's right. I'm only not sure why you are repeating an already given answer. – BalusC May 27 '11 at 4:44
I just posted the complete code, which can be used directly. Its just that you pointed out, but didn't provide the corrected code.. Don't mind :-) – Mahendra May 27 '11 at 4:56

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