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I want to insert top 20 ROWS from a table tbl_A in db_A to tbl_B in db_B.
The schema for tbl_A and tbl_B is:

CREATE TABLE <tbl_name> (
 id   serial  PRIMARY KEY,
 int  a,
 int b

I have some questions related to following queries

psql db_A
SELECT dblink_connect("dbname=db_B");
SELECT dblink_open('curse', 'SELECT id, a, b FROM tbl_B');
INSERT INTO tbl_A (SELECT id, a, b FROM dblink_fetch('curse', 20) AS (s_is int, s_a int, s_b int)) RETURNING a;
  • Can I put the following statements in stored procedure:
  • Is it possible to create a stored procedure of above three statements combined and create a prepared statement of that procedure.

I would be highly grateful if someone can comment on how good a practice is it to use cursor, or using dblink inside stored procedures or any other ways that above is achieved more elegantly.

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There's much easier way:

Connect to db_B and execute the following:

  '$libdir/dblink', 'dblink_record'
  COST 1
ROWS 1000;
ALTER FUNCTION dblink(text, text) OWNER TO postgres;
GRANT EXECUTE ON FUNCTION dblink(text, text) TO public; -- or whatever

INSERT INTO tbl_B select * from 
 (SELECT * from dblink('hostaddr=localhost port=5432 dbname=db_A user=postgres password=postgres',
'select id, a, b from tbl_A limit 20 '
  id integer,
  a integer,
  b integer
)) as q;
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Is it possible to update the query in procedure with the help of dblink? –  PrashantAdesara Sep 10 '12 at 7:05
Concider anything you'll write in the last parameter calling 'dblink' function as SQL, that shall be executed on the remote database. –  ertx Sep 10 '12 at 8:42

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