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hi sometimes i get at the top of the screen a small message like: this is only a trial version, when i click on it, it get invisible.

what is the name of this form element? want to use it too

i think it is not a popup

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If it comes with an incredibly annoying sound, then it's a MessageBox.

It not, then it's maybe some kind of child window - see

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yes it comes with that kind of sound – ewggwegw May 27 '11 at 7:09

Without any kind of visual reference it's difficult to tell, but you may be referring to a "Toast". There is no specific API in the current version of the framework, though the Mango tools for version 7.1 that are now available include the ShellToast method for this.

If you're developing a 7.0 app for the currently available devices then you can use the ToastRequestTrigger from the Prism libraries for WP7.

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