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I have script file Get-ProcesWithParam.ps1 as


 function List-Process($name)
    Write-Host "Process List"
    get-process -name $name


List-Process -name $name

In another script I get this file name as string variable

$scriptFile = Get-ExecFile # returns "C:\Get-ProcesWithParam.ps1"
#execute the script
# ... other code ...

problem is i need to execute this file (pass the argument to file as well!)

I tried Invoke-Command

 invoke-command -scriptblock { param($name) $scriptFile -name $name } -ArgumentList "chrome"

but it did not work, it just prints the file name how can i execute the file which is there in the string variable $stringFile ?

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Try &:

$foo = ".\Get-ProcesWithParam.ps1"
& $foo $bar
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Wow ... I tried so many other things but this works :) ! – JeeZ May 27 '11 at 8:22

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