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I'm thinking about distributing bytes of a SWF into multiple files, how can i put a set of bytes in different parts into one byte array?


var bytesPartOne:ByteArray;
var bytesPartTwo:ByteArray;
var bytesPartThree:ByteArray;
var bytesPartFour:ByteArray;

Into one byte array?

var totalBytes:ByteArray;

Also would reading partial bytes into a byte array work?

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may ask you to tell more about the problem? –  Eugeny89 May 27 '11 at 7:47

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Into one byte array?

var totalBytes:ByteArray = new ByteArray;

Note : Be sure that bytesPartOne/two/Three/Four have position set to zero (can be done by bytesPartOne.position = 0, ...)

Also would reading partial bytes into a byte array work?

What do you mean by partial bytes ?

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