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Is there an easy way in Bash to split a camelcased word into its constituent words?

For example, I want to split aCertainCamelCasedWord into 'a Certain Camel Cased Word' and be able to select those fields that interest me. This is trivially done with cut(1) when the word separator is the underscore, but how can I do this when the word is camelcased?

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sed 's/\([A-Z]\)/ \1/g'

Captures each capital letter and substitutes a leading space with the capture for the whole stream.

$ echo "aCertainCamelCasedWord" | sed 's/\([A-Z]\)/ \1/g'
a Certain Camel Cased Word
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I love regular expressions. – cwallenpoole Mar 5 '09 at 17:53

I needed to not split up all caps:

echo 'FAQPage' |sed 's/\([A-Z][^A-Z]\)/ \1/g'
FAQ Page
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Pure Bash:


declare -a word                                 # the word array

counter1=0                                      # count characters
counter2=0                                      # count words

while [ $counter1 -lt ${#name} ] ; do
  if [[ $nextchar =~ [[:upper:]] ]] ; then

echo -e "'${word[@]}'"
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Interesting, yet much more verbose. Use the right tool for the job I say! ;) – Judge Maygarden Mar 19 '09 at 15:15

This answer does not work correctly when there is a second instance of multiple uppercase

echo 'FAQPageOneReplacedByFAQPageTwo' | sed 's|\([A-Z][^A-Z]\)| \1|g'
FAQ Page One Replaced ByFAQ Page Two

So and additional expression is required for that

 echo 'FAQPageOneReplacedByFAQPageTwo' | sed -e 's|\([A-Z][^A-Z]\)| \1|g' -e 's|\([a-z]\)\([A-Z]\)|\1 \2|g'
 FAQ Page One Replaced By FAQ Page Two
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