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I've downloaded some source code from Apple open source repository. The projects are .pbxproj files which I can open in XCode. But I need to export the project to a Makefile/Configure configuration.

I've googled around and found some comments about pbxbuild but could not find a download link and I'm not sure it is what I need anyway.

Also I tried a tool called pbtomake which failed on the project file. I guess it's too old.

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pbxbuild is obsolete - you need xcodebuild:

$ man xcodebuild

XCODEBUILD(1)             BSD General Commands Manual            XCODEBUILD(1)

     xcodebuild -- build Xcode projects and workspaces

     xcodebuild [-project projectname] [-target targetname ...] [-configuration configurationname] [-sdk [sdkfullpath | sdkname]] [buildaction ...]
                [setting=value ...] [-userdefault=value ...]
     xcodebuild -workspace workspacename -scheme schemename [-configuration configurationname] [-sdk [sdkfullpath | sdkname]] [buildaction ...]
                [setting=value ...] [-userdefault=value ...]
     xcodebuild -version [-sdk [sdkfullpath | sdkname]] [infoitem]
     xcodebuild -showsdks
     xcodebuild -list [-project projectname | -workspace workspacename]

     xcodebuild builds one or more targets contained in an Xcode project, or builds a scheme contained in an Xcode workspace.

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I tried it but it seems to compile only xcodeproje. Not pbxproj. Also I don't ant to compile it with a specific tool. I want to export the pbxproj to a standard Makefile architecture. Can I do that with xcodebuild ? –  CodeFlakes May 27 '11 at 8:34
An Xcode project is a Mac OS X bundle, which is really just a directory with a .xcodeproj suffix (e.g. My_Project.xcodeproj) which in turn contains several files, the only important one being the project.pbxproj file. To build an Xcode project with xcodebuild you specify the .xcodeproj directory, not the internal project.pbxproj file. If you want actual makefiles for other platforms then you'll need to use something like CMake, but that will require some effort to reverse-engineer the Xcode projects. cmake.org –  Paul R May 27 '11 at 8:39
Also, if you have a .pbproj rather than .xcodeproj, that's an ancient pre-Xcode project which probably needs to be upgraded by Xcode before you can build it. –  Kevin Reid May 28 '11 at 3:47
Ok so there is not automatic way to generate a Makefile. Too bad. Thanks for the info though. –  CodeFlakes May 28 '11 at 18:51

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