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I can't get to click in a tree node. This the script:

 dojo.connect(tree_obj, 'onClick', function(item, node, evt){

                console.log('node: ' +tree_obj.getLabel(node));
                console.log('event: ' +tree_obj.getLabel(evt));
                console.log('identifier: ' + tree_obj.getLabel(item))


this show console log:

 node: undefined
 event: undefined
 identifier: ETD 81

The tree structure:

     root (it's hide)
         node ------> 'undefined' in log on click
            item ----> I can get the label on click

thanks in advance

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and welcome to Stackoverflow.

You cannot do getLabel(evt) or getLabel(node). What did you expect this to return? If you simply want the event or node objects, just use them directly.

dojo.connect(tree_obj, 'onClick', function(item, node, evt)
    console.log("Item", item); // This gives you the object in your store
    console.log("Node", node); // This gives you the dijit widget object (UI)
    console.log("Event", evt); // This gives you the event object
    console.log('identifier: ' + tree_obj.getLabel(item)); 

Here's an example: http://jsfiddle.net/nZV98/6/

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