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I have a image editing Cocoa Mac application that takes a few image files (jpeg, png, tiff, gif etc.) as input. I would like to provide the user with a button in my application to get these input image files from iPhoto.

I would like a dialog/popup with iPhoto pictures to open when the user clicks this button. The user can then select some pictures in this dialog/popup. On dialog close after selection I would like to get the paths of the pictures selected.

Please suggest how i can achieve this.

Edited by Abizern following the comment on my answer

I'd rather not use a third party framework - is there a way to do this with Applescript or Automator workflows from within my application?

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Have a look at the Karelia iMedia Browser which you can add as a framework to your project.

Not just iPhoto pictures, but also pictures on your hard disk, and pictures from Flickr.

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I would not like to use a third party framework, isn't this somehow easily possible using apple script / automator workflows –  AmaltasCoder May 27 '11 at 9:13
Why put objective-c and Cocoa tags on the question, then? –  Abizern May 27 '11 at 9:20

Here's a script that will pop up iPhoto itself and allow the user to select some photos and then continue. Hopefully your program can provide a more elegant modeless way for the user to signal that they're done.

tell application "iPhoto"

    display alert "After you click OK, you will have 10 seconds to select some photos or albums"
    delay 10

    set paths to {}
    repeat with s in (get selection)
        set i to properties of s
        if class of i is album then
            repeat with p in photos of album (name of i)
                copy image path of p to end of paths
            end repeat
        else if class of i is photo then
            copy image path of i to end of paths
        end if
    end repeat

    log paths
end tell
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