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I am trying to store content of tinyMCE into "detail" coloumn.

Now when I display the content it displays wit all the <p> tags <i> tags etc. This Is a security feature in rails3 .

But I don't want the <p> tags to be displayed , I want it to be rendered as HTML.

One way I found was <%= something.detail.html_safe %>

the other way I thought was to create a function in model like

def detail_safe
    return self.detail.html_safe

and display using <%= something.detail_safe %>

Either ways I need to change the <%= %> tag at many places. Is there an easier solution? Or should I manually change at every place?

Thank you.

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In the model:

def detail
  self[:detail].html_safe if self[:detail]

Please note that you will always get html_safe output in this case when you do model_object.detail.

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Wouldn't this trigger an infinite loop? –  Wukerplank May 27 '11 at 11:42
Please look at the edit. The idea was to override ActiveRecord attribute accessor. –  amit_saxena May 27 '11 at 12:39
def detail self.detail.html_safe end would lead to infinte loop :) –  Gaurav Shah May 30 '11 at 4:36

Not matter how you do it, you will have to change all of your <%= %>.

Your options are:

<%= something.detail_safe %>
<%= something.detail.html_safe %>
<%= raw something.detail %>

The only other option I can think of is turning off XSS protection - but don't do that!

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