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What is the difference between Asp.Net Web Forms and Asp.Net Web Pages?

Here it says that Web Pages and Web Forms different approaches.

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There are 3 flavors of ASP.NET

The first one is the oldest and is called Web Forms. Basically it is a high level component oriented web framework that works with controls like buttons and grids that encapsulate behaviour and view. It was the most popular flavor of ASP.NET but has been criticised for the lack of control over the generated markup. Currently most new projects are ASP.NET MVC but there is definitely a lot of Web Forms out there. While this is my personal favorite I must point out that it is a bad way to start learning web programming because it hides the implementation details from you (which is good when you have experience) and is a bit complex to learn.

Source :

ASP.NET MVC is an implementation of the MVC pattern for ASP.NET. Some people claim that it is easier to develop maintainable applications with unit tests and good separation of concerns with this framework than it is with Web Forms. I disagree on this point and think that using patterns like MVP one can achieve the same with Web Forms. On the other hand ASP.NET MVC has one big advantage - it allows full control over the generated markup. This is very important for the modern style of web development where a lot of things are controlled with JavaScript. For example adding a fancy animation is easier to do on top of an MVC view than it is on top of a Web Form.


ASP.NET Web Pages is a (currently) the latest flavor that is targeted at smaller project and beginner devs (at least in my opinion). It is good for developing smaller projects with ~ 10 pages. Most of the logic is written in a single file per page in what I call "Basic PHP style". It uses the Razor syntax for injecting the serverside code.


Note that Web Forms uses pages (unlike MVC) therefore there is a confusion what ASP.NET Web Pages is

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Stilger, The pages show the difference, but do we need different IDEs too; such as WebMatrix for web pages? – SocialCircus May 27 '11 at 10:27
@stilgar I dont think there is any difference. In the page if you click "Introduction to ASP.NET Web Forms" in section 2 it takes you to which is about web pages. – Aravind May 27 '11 at 10:30
Yeah Web Matrix is the way to go for Web Pages. I don't really know much about Web Pages (or Web Matrix) and I don't care much. For me it is a toy for hobbyist kind of Microsoft's way to make .NET easy for beginners who want to start with the web. Right now PHP (which is disgusting language in my opinion) is so easy to start and people tend to stick to what they used first and invest more in it. This is why MS created Web Pages to get people started on the web with .NET instead of PHP. – Stilgar May 27 '11 at 10:32
Web Pages is a framework. I've mentioned some differences. Web Forms uses controls. Web Pages uses Razer syntax to inject serverside (C#/VB.NET) code into a single file representing the page. – Stilgar May 27 '11 at 10:58
Are the names Pages, Forms kind of misleading? To me it seems like Pages are for simple web pages where as Forms are for data entry / surveys that kind of thing. Sounds like they can both accomplish the same things, just the difference is in the development. Am I understanding correctly? – shim Nov 6 '14 at 16:49

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