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Is there a way to keep the positioning intact, but making elements non click-able? demo here.

By adding another class instead of .element, I loose the positioning.

Sorry for not adding specific code examples, as I'm not sure where to fix this issue (markup, css or the jquery part)

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See the free masonry here: –  user1701358 Sep 26 '12 at 19:51

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The items are clickable only because there's this bit of script.

// change size of clicked element
$container.find('.element').live('click', function(){

You can change the CSS class to whatever you want, so long as it can be matched by the itemSelector option

  itemSelector: '.my-class'
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reading my question again, I realise it wasn't too well explained :) I want to make some elements clickable (and make them scale, as the demos show), and som of the other elements NON clickable.. so, the same array of elements - but some of them non-clickable.. If I just add a new class similar to the .element, the positioning is lost.. –  webnoob May 27 '11 at 19:04

If you want to make some elements non clickable you can just check that in the listener

var notClickable = ['Hg','Co','Rb']; // these element are not clickable

      // change size of clicked element
      $container.delegate( '.element', 'click', function(){
       //if not in notClickable tab
       if(jQuery.inArray( $(this).attr('data-symbol'), notClickable )==-1){

Demo here:

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