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Consider the following code. If I click in cmbMonkeys, it causes an infinite loop of alert messages in Google Chrome. My workaround for cmbPeople works fine. Does anyone know of a another way to prevent infinite loops when displaying alerts on focus or blur events, without disabling and re-enabling the event?

        var eventHandler;

        function cmbPeople_OnFocusHandler() {

        function cmbPeople_CallFocusHandler(control) {
            eventHandler = control.onfocus;
            control.onfocus = null;

        function cmbPeople_CallBlurHandler(control) {
            control.onfocus = eventHandler;

        function cmbMonkeys_FocusHandler(control) {
            alert("I like monkeys");
    monkeys <select id="cmbMonkeys" onfocus="cmbMonkeys_FocusHandler(this)"></select>
    people <select id="cmbPeople" onfocus="cmbPeople_CallFocusHandler(this)" onblur="cmbPeople_CallBlurHandler(this)"></select>
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With a simple state-handler, maybe?

var isFocus = false;
function cmbPeople_CallFocusHandler(control) {
        focus = true;

function cmbPeople_CallBlurHandler(){
    isFocus = false;
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Of course :) Thank you. –  Stephen Oberauer May 27 '11 at 10:49

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