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Our implementation: We have added Auditing using the Audit Trail functionality, to a Bus Comp to monitor a M:M relationship between itself and a child (with the use of an intersection table.) as per book shelfs --> Specifying Parent–Child Associations for Audit section in Siebel Applications Administrator Guide.

Viewing the Audit Trail: 1) Using the Audit Trail Screen -> I can find Associate/Disassociate records. 2) Using the Audit Trail Item List 2 Bus Comp to have an Audit Trail Tab for a certain view using the section -> Linking Audit Trail to a Business Component section in Siebel Applications Administrator Guide. And here is The Problem It does not display Associate/Disassociate Operation records even though it is clearly being recorded and we are able to view it in Audit Trail Screen.

With Audit Trail Item List 2 being a VBC, I'm unable to see the logic of where or why it is not showing these operations?

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

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Customer added the association of positions to opportunity for Audit Trail by navigating to:

Audit Trail Select Opportunity In the Child BC add the Opportunity/Position link

Navigate to the Opportunity view, create an Opportunity and change a user in the sales team field.

In the Audit Trail there are a number of records for Opportunity BCincluding the association and disassociation of positions and the Opportunity history.

However, in the Opportunity > Audit Trail, the audit trail only shows for the Opportunities, not the position change within the opportunity. Cause

The issue is caused by the search specification in the Opportunity/Audit Trail 2 link Solution In Siebel Tools, navigate to the 'Link' object (if this is hidden you will need to show it by selecting the checkbox in View > Option > Object Explorer)

Query for the link "Opportunity/Audit trial Item2"

In the search specification, remove the standard text so this field is empty.

Re-compile the srf and re-start the server.

All records show after this change.

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