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What is the best way to change/set a registration point on a Flex 3 display object? I know this isn't really built in to easily change, but does anyone have any suggestions on how I could extend UIComponent to achieve this?

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For some reason, the Flash Player API doesn't expose the registration point of DisplayObjects (and the Flash IDE makes them a pain to modify once an object is created). The best solution, as David pointed out, is to add your component as a child of another component (UIComponent would be fine). So, for example, if I had a Button and I wanted its registration point at its center, I'd add it as a child of a UIComponent (not Canvas) and offset the child by setting its position to (-button.width/2, -button.height/2).

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Put your DisplayObject inside a sprite and set the DisplayObject's x & y positions to the negitive of your target registration point. Apply all transforms to the Sprite container.

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Put it inside a Canvas container, with its clipContent attribute set to false. Within the canvas, you can put your object wherever you like.

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Canvas adds some pretty big overhead if you'll be doing this for many display objects. Members of Adobe's Flex team recommend keeping the number of containers in a Flex application to a minimum. – joshtynjala Mar 6 '09 at 22:24

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