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It's hard to find information regarding CruiseControl development, so I hope somebody knows it here...

I have developed plugins for CruiseControl.NET (inmplementing ITask) and faced a problems with parameters. I made a workarounds for both, but I'll do appreciate if you suggest other solutions. So...

  1. When parameters are used in properties passed to plugins, they are simply not substituted. I mean that having <someProperty>$[SomeParameter]</someProperty>, plugin receives someProperty = "$[SomeParameter]", not it's value. The workaround I had to make is manually replacing the placeholders using IIntegrationResult.Parameters in code.

  2. When using select parameters, the values in IIntegrationResult.Parameters are actually names! So having select parametes with <value name="Name">Value</value>, it looks like no way to get "Value" from plugin - all I get is "Name" in IIntegrationResult.Parameters. I had to make a workaround by using the same names as values, but this is not convenient to use, because the values are quite long and differ only in the ends.

Please suggest, am I missing something?

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