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When I called CDocument::SetPathName with 'eererr.hpr' in Windows XP it updates the member variable m_strPathName with value 'C:\Program Files\ICEHost\Projects\eererr.hpr'

When I executed the same method in Windows 7 it updated m_strPathName with 'C:\Program Files\ICEHost\eererr.hpr' Projects directory is missing in this path

What is the reason for this difference in WinXp and Windows 7? Based on what information does CDocument::SetPathName updates m_strPathName? How can make the behavior same?

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Having a document inside C:\Program Files\ is a bad sign and will cause issues on Windows 7. Please fix this first, and then check if there is still an issue when you save your documents to My Documents. –  MSalters May 27 '11 at 12:19
@MSalters: I am having the same problem when I tried to save 'C:\ICE Products\ICeHost' folder –  Maanu May 27 '11 at 12:49

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SetPathName() calls GetFullPathName() which "merges the name of the current drive and directory with a specified file name". So the difference is probably on how the current directory is obtained.

It is documented how CFileDialog selects a different initial directory on different OS (check lpstrInitialDir in the following link). Maybe it has to do with that.

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You might need to override the AddToRecentFileList function. The Add method is now implemented differently with Win7. Check out this link


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