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What is the difference between an JSON and Array? Why do they call JSON Objects and Array Objects.

Is this an Array or JSON? How can i identify?

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wow.. that's like comparing a snail to a ferrari oO. Two totally different things. An array is n indexed data structure found in probably all langauges: JSON on the other hand is a data exchange format: Put this in a comment because it was too short for a real answer :) – chzbrgla May 27 '11 at 11:32
A generalization of the question is: What is the difference between a data exchange format and a datatype? Does it make sense? – Felix Kling May 27 '11 at 11:39
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JSON is a data format that is based on a subset of JavaScript.

A simplified version of the specification is available on the JSON homepage. The full specification is available as an IETF RFC.

Libraries exist in many different languages to convert from a string of JSON data into data structures appropriate for that language (and to go the other way). A list of some of them can be found near the bottom of the JSON homepage.

An array is a data structure common to most programming languages which contains a number of variables in a specific order. JSON has an array data type.

A JSON Object is a serialisation of a collection of key/value pairs. Most programming languages have a matching data structure, such as a hash in Perl or a (simple) object in JavaScript.

In the page you link to, there is no mention of JSON. It has a variable (weatherData) to which is assigned a simple object (using an object literal {}) which has one key (reports) to which is assigned an array (using an array literal []) that contains a number of objects, each of which consists of a bunch of key/value pairs where the values are all strings.

If you were to remove the first line, and the semi-colon at the end, then the example would be a JSON data structure representing the same information. This is because, as I said earlier, JSON is based on a subset of JavaScript and that part of the example conforms to the subset.

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It's neither a JSON text (JSON is a text data-interchange format - if it's not a String, it's not JSON) nor an Array.

It's an Object, defined as an object literal, with one property - reports - which is an Array (defined as an array literal) of Object instances with properties describing weather conditions in cities.

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