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Well I have a problem reading the JSON data in jQuery, which is outputted by PHP, I´m alreaddy using json_encode();

require_once 'Post_db.php'; // a Class for doing MySQL work

/* the Post class */    
class Post {

/* An array that stores the post item data: */

private $pdata;

/* The constructor */
public function __construct($postData){
$this->pdata= $postData;

public function __toString(){
// The string that is beeing returned
// is outputed by the echo statement

return  $toBeSent;  

//read the Posts
public static function readPosts(){
$query = new Post_db("SELECT * FROM pmessage
                 ORDER BY p_id DESC
$posts = array();
while($row = $query->fetchRow()){
$posts [] = new Post($row);
foreach($posts as $item){

echo $item;

Now the Jquery :

This code is reading , but this is only a $.get method. And it returnes myPosts as 1 array with a about 5000 elmenets but there are only about 50 Posts, so it is getting each charachter from this string as an array element.

function readMyPosts(){
                      {"action": "autoRead"},
            //a ul element


When I try with $.ajax or $.getJSON, I never reach the success function, actully nothing happenes

  function ReadNewestFacts(){
        success: function(json){
            //do something with the data 

   //run this function

The phpFileThatCalltheFunctionsToRead.php file looks like this:


require_once "post.class.php";

$thisUid= $_GET['thisUid'];

$action = $_GET['action'];

        case 'autoRead_main':

        case 'autoRead':
            case ' more cases


catch(Exception $e){
    // echo $e->getMessage();

All I was able to recive is

{"p_id":"1","p_text":"blabla","p_adder":"1"}{"p_id":"2","p_text":"blabla2","p_adder":"1"}{"p_id":"3","p_text":"more blabla","p_adder":"2"}{"p_id":"4","p_text":"more and more blabla","p_adder":"1"}{}....

The JSON formatting seems to be working correctly !?,, but I think the Jquery not beeing able to read the JSON String from PHP ? I´m really not sure here :( ..

I´m not beeing able to access the JSON data on the jQuery side.. I tried many methods found here on StacKover.. but I think im missing something ..

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Your problem is that you're outputting multiple JSON objects together.

This is because each Post object in your PHP code outputs a single block of JSON. You're creating an array of Post objects, and so you're getting multiple blocks of JSON.

Each block of JSON you're generating is valid, but simply concatenating them together is not valid JSON.

If you want to have your Post objects output an array of their JSON objects, then you need to write the JSON code for that as well.

You can't json_encode the whole thing, because it's already encoded, so the easist way to fix it in your code is just to print [ and ] at either end of your output, and a comma between each Post object output.

You could do it like this:

echo '['.implode(',',$posts).']';

instead of your foreach() loop.

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thanks ,, this is helpfull ! ,, i still have no enough reputation to vote ^^ – a_ak May 29 '11 at 17:23
@akkawi - glad it helped :) don't worry, you only need 15 points to be able to vote, so you should be able to do it soon. – Spudley May 29 '11 at 17:27
the Implode method did a perfect work , and if anyone would like to see how the Json code is: here is the Success function after calling getJson ... function(data){ for (i = 0; i < data.length; i++) { $("#htmltag").append( "<li>" + data[i].p_id + " , " + data[i].p_value + "</li>"); } } – a_ak Jun 1 '11 at 9:00

You are missing commas in between the "{ }"-blocks

[{"p_id":"1","p_text":"blabla","p_adder":"1"},{"p_id":"2","p_text":"blabla2","p_adder":"1"},{"p_id":"3","p_text":"more blabla","p_adder":"2"},{"p_id":"4","p_text":"more and more blabla","p_adder":"1"},{}]
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I did that with the json_encode($var) method .. how can i add the commas there ? – a_ak May 27 '11 at 12:03
I think you are encoding each "{ }"-block with json_encode() and then echoing them one after another. Instead you should add them to an array-variable and use json_encode($arrayVariable) on that variable. This will be what you want to output – JochenJung May 27 '11 at 12:08
Just edited my reply to add [] arround the whole JSon – JochenJung May 27 '11 at 12:08

In reaction to @JochenJung, you need to have it like this:

json_encode( array( array1, array2, ...) ); to have comma's inserted.

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use json_encode() and json_decode()

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I´m alreaddy doing the json_encode() before sending the data ! – a_ak May 27 '11 at 12:01
validate your json data on – diEcho May 27 '11 at 12:02

Try do do

error: function(json){
            console.log(json);//need to have firebug


1.Remove all empty spaces from all files.(Need to be clean)
2.Use json_encode('HERE CAN BE ARRAY);

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