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I have a fishtank device that has firmware version 2.1-update1. When I select System Updates, it says system is already upto date. There is a newer verison of google tv out there with 3.1 that I would like to upgrade to. How can I do it. The only apps I have on it currently are Chrome, Settings, TV. Also the accounts and sync under settings does not open. It force-closes when selected.

Is there a google support team I can contact that can help me through this?

This unit was given to me from my company to do some initial exploratory development. But I am unable to use it at all.

Can someone please help?


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This has what to do with programming? –  Raoul May 27 '11 at 12:37

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If you post the Ethernet MAC address of the device, I will take care of it.

As was mentioned earlier, this is probably not the forum for dealing with this kind of issue however.

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