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I defined two ActionFilters:

[DefaultResources(Order = 2)]
[RenderTemplate(Order = 1)]

And to my surprise DefaultResources is executed BEFORE RenderTemplate. But according to MSDN documentation it should work vice versa:

[Filter1(Order = 2)]
[Filter2(Order = 3)]
[Filter3(Order = 1)]
public void Index()

In this example, action filters would execute in the following order: Filter3, Filter1, and then Filter2.

I'm using .NET 4. And comparing by method OnActionExecuted. Am I missing something? Thank you.

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Last-in First-out order

This is the answer I was looking for. Order of OnActionExecuted is reversed order of OnActionExecuting...

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It all depends on what each filter implements.

If DefaultResource implements OnActionExecuting or OnActionExecuted then it will fire first if RenderTemplate does not.

For more details see:




"The ASP.NET MVC framework will call the OnActionExecuting method of your action filter before it calls any action method that is marked with your action filter attribute. Similarly, the framework will call the OnActionExecuted method after the action method has finished. "

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The only methods implemeted are OnActionExecuted in both ActionFilters, as I wrote before. Another difference, which could possible (but IMHO very unlikely) cause this is, that DefaultResource is implemented in MVC application project and the other one is defined in linked project. –  Jozef Krchňavý May 30 '11 at 6:39
For the more I can definetly say, that changing of Order value makes order different. E.g. DefaultResource(Order=2) RenderTemplate(Order=3) the first executed was again RenderTemplate, it doesn't make sense having read msdn and gregshackles... –  Jozef Krchňavý May 30 '11 at 6:56

See Filtering in ASP.NET MVC for a full explanation of what determines the order of execution of action filters and their methods.

Regarding OnResultExecuted, which you said your filters are using, see the following:

The OnActionExecuting(ActionExecutingContext), OnResultExecuting(ResultExecutingContext), and OnAuthorization(AuthorizationContext) filters run in forward order. The OnActionExecuted(ActionExecutedContext), OnResultExecuting(ResultExecutingContext), and OnException(ExceptionContext) filters run in reverse order.

The ordering is actually quite complex, so take a look at the article for more details.

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