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I am looking to see if there is a library that allows for simple natural language recognition the aim is to tell if a sentence was positive, negative or neutral.

I have found http://sharpnlp.codeplex.com/ but I am unsure if this will provide what I am trying to do, any advice on this library as well would be a great help.

The language is c#.

Thank you.

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I think what you're looking for is called Sentiment Analysis. There's a well-known Python library called the Natural Language ToolKit that you should definitely take a look at. Since you're in C#, IronPython might be the answer.

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I found another question on here asking a similar thing...

Algorithm to determine how positive or negative a statement/text is

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Bayesian filtering can be pretty good at classifying sentences into different categories (eg positive, negative or neutral).

You will need to supply the filter with lots (hundreds) of examples of each though during training.

Index spam = Index.CreateMemoryIndex();
Index notspam = Index.CreateMemoryIndex();

// train the indexes
spam.Add(Entry.FromString("want some viagra?"));
spam.Add(Entry.FromString("cialis can make you larger"));
notspam.Add(Entry.FromString("Hello, how are you?"));
notspam.Add(Entry.FromString("Did you go to the park today?"));

Analyzer analyzer = new Analyzer();
CategorizationResult result = analyzer.Categorize(
     Entry.FromString("cialis viagra"), 

switch (result)
    case CategorizationResult.First:
    case CategorizationResult.Undetermined:
    case CategorizationResult.Second:
        Console.WriteLine("Not Spam");


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