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Hey! Im new to Backbone.js, so this is most likely an easy question.

I'm want to console.log my friends collection each time it's changing. So i have binded all events in the collection to call my logFunction.. but in the logfunction this.friends is undefined. Why?

This is my "app":

(function ($) {

       Friend = Backbone.Model.extend({
           //Create a model to hold friend atribute
           name: null

       Friends = Backbone.Collection.extend({

           model: Friend,
           //This is our Friends collection and holds our Friend models
           initialize: function (models, options) {
               this.bind("add", options.view.addFriendLi);
               this.bind("all", options.view.logFriendsCollection);

               //Listen for new additions to the collection and call a view function if so

       window.AppView = Backbone.View.extend({
           el: $("body"),

           initialize: function () {
               this.friends = new Friends(null, { view: this });

           events: {
               "click #add-friend": "showPrompt"

           showPrompt: function () {
               var friend_name = prompt("Who is your friend?");
               var friend_model = new Friend({ "name": friend_name });


           addFriendLi: function (model) {
               $("#friends-list").append("<li>" + model.get('name') + "</li>");


           logFriendsCollection: function (args) {
               console.log("Friends", this.friends);

       }); var appview = new AppView;
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I think that when you bind the view's logFriendsCollection method to the the Friend collection that the method also receives the collection's context. So when you reference this in the method, this refers to the collection rather than the view.

I was messing around with it on your Fiddler link, and the code that I changed to make it work was

           logFriendsCollection: function () {
               console.log("Friends", this);
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In your AppView.initialize you should call _.bindAll(this, 'logFriendsCollection') to bind this to AppView.

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Hmm, maybe i missunderstood you... but this is what the changed code looks like, and this.friends is still undefined: jsfiddle.net/UNkMp/1/embedded/result –  Anders May 27 '11 at 13:28
Now it looks like it should work and it does when I just try out appview.logFriendsCollection() after calling new AppView. Where are you calling logFriendsCollection()? –  ponzao May 27 '11 at 14:06
I thought this would call it when any events were triggered on the collection: this.bind("all", options.view.logFriendsCollection); in the Friends collection. I want it to be called everytime the collection is changed... –  Anders May 27 '11 at 14:27
Seems to work with me when I am explicitly calling appview.friends.add(new Friend()). –  ponzao May 27 '11 at 14:39
ponzao, does the second time you bind logFriendsCollection overwrite the first time? So even tho you give logFriendsCollection the proper context by adding the line you suggest, the line this.bind("all", options.view.logFriendsCollection); then gives the method the context of the collection rather than the view? –  c3rin May 27 '11 at 16:03

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