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got a decent setup working with jwplayer and the playlists. One thing i can't track down is whether i can start with a certain video from the playlist? ie the 2nd or 3rd. (I've found shuffle but that's not what i want and i need to keep the existing order...)

current working code...


                    autostart: true,
                    flashplayer: "/scripts/player/player.swf", 
                    playlist: [<?=rtrim($flashList, ',')?>], /* "playlist.position": "bottom", "playlist.size": 60, */
                    height: 445,
                    controlbar: "bottom",
                    repeat: 'list' 


any help appreciated! Dc.

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All you need to do is add one flashvar:

item: 4

to tell it to start on item 4 of the playlist


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thankyou! I did find it eventually but forgot i posted it here... –  daniel Crabbe Jun 15 '11 at 14:59
item: 4 will start it on the 5th item of the playlist (0 based array) –  henrikpp Jun 28 '11 at 19:36

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