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My IIS is configured to use WindowsAuthentication.

When I surf to the file:

I can see the file perfectly but when i'm checking with charles (http debugger) I see the following result.

alt text

The problem is that when a browser does this, it will retry (apperantly up to 3 times) but when .NET (spring.net) tries this, it's crashes after the first attempt saying that I'm unauthorized.

Does anyone has a solution for this? I've been struggeling with this problem for weeks now.

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I see this is normal. You may learn more about the conversation between client and server from this KB article,


Then you will know why those 401 messages were there.


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I am not familiar with Spring.NET but you should be able to specify a credential which contains user name and password. You can search Spring.NET documentation for hints. –  Lex Li Mar 11 '09 at 6:47

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