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List alma = new ArrayList();
alma.add(new Object[] { "alma", "korte" });
alma.add(new Object[] { "alma2", "korte2" });
alma.add(new Object[] { "alma3", "korte3" });
JXPathContext context = JXPathContext.newContext(alma);
List result = context.selectNodes("????????");

So basically what should I write into the place of question marks to see the following output:

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Can you put your array list in some container object? –  Andrey Adamovich May 27 '11 at 14:00

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I don't think it's possible. You need to put your data in some sort of container object. For example,

public class AlmaContainer {
  List<AlmaObject> alma = new ArrayList<AlmaObject>();

public class AlmaObject {
  String name;
  String value;
  AlmaObject(name, value) {
     this.value= value

And then you can use the following expression:

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That's weird, but if you can't change your initial structure you can do it in 2 steps:

Iterator<Object> iter = context.iterate(".");
    Object o=iter.next();
    JXPathContext context2 = JXPathContext.newContext(o);


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