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I'm trying to implement Rails 3.1 in my project, but none of my image_tags are working.

I really need nested has_many :through, which is why I choose to upgrade.

I know that images/javascripts/stylesheets should now go into app/assets/

However due to complications with my theme, I would like to keep them in public/

How would I go about doing so?

The image_tag, javascript_include_tag, and stylesheet_tag are looking only in the assets directory.

Console Output Example

Started GET "/assets/icons/small/white/Alarm%20Bell.png" for at 2011-05-27 11:04:48 -0400

Served asset /icons/small/white/Alarm%20Bell.png - 404 Not Found  (0.00488s)  (pid 1656)

That file is really located in "public/images/icons/small/white/Alarm Bell.png"


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Got it.

In application.rb, at the bottom, set the asset pipeline to false.

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