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I've used date_select to create page with three fields to create a date, and so my session ends up with the following fields in it:


What is a good way to reconstruct the date from the three separate fields? Obviously, I can pull them out one-by-one and reassemble, but that seems like a lot of extra code over what would be possible.

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((1..3).map { |i| session['CompanyUk']["incorporation_date(#{i}i)"] } * '/').to_date
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OK, thanks, that's not too painful. I had hoped that there would be a helper function. –  Marcin May 27 '11 at 16:49

I had:

datemap = params["CompanyUk"].select {|k,v| k.start_with? "incorporation_date"}
inc_date = Date.new(*(datemap.values.map {|x| x.to_i}))

Which is rather more complex than Mori's solution.

Alternatively, based on Mori's solution, but avoiding the string concatenation:

Date.new *((1..3).map { |i| params['CompanyUk']["incorporation_date(#{i}i)"].to_i })
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