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using logcat I can see the log messages generated by my app in the emulator. How can I read/retrieve the same log file but this time from the device the app is running on ? The device is not attached to any computer and the log file has to be sent via email.

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To read the log from within your application you need to have the android.permission.READ_LOGS permission.

Once you have that, you could start up a process to read logcat with something like

Process logcatProcess = Runtime.getRuntime().exec("logcat");

Then you can create a buffered reader from it:

BufferedReader logcat = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(logcatProcess.getInputStream()), 8192);

From here you can String s = logcat.readLine(); to read the log.

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There is a log collector project that you can use from your code/application. If you want an already existing application, try Log Collector.

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Check out this app on the market. It does what you need and it is open source!

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