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I am trying to select the name of a field which occurs the most often in a table and in which a certain value is true.

      Donut = "Yes"
      AmountEaten >= 10

Error: Cannot perform an aggregate function on an expression containing an aggregate or a subquery.

What I am looking for is obviously something like: Edward has eaten the most with a sum total of 45

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You need to tell us what your table looks like. If you have AmountEaten as a field why not just use that? –  JNK May 27 '11 at 16:20

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This will handle the case where there's more than one Name with the same count.

select Name, count(*)
from ExployeeTreats
where  Donut = "Yes" and AmountEaten >= 10
group by Name
having count(*) >= ALL ( select count(*)
                         from EmployeeTreats
                         where Donut = "Yes" and AmountEaten >= 30
                         group by Name )
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According to your initial question:

select top (1)
    , count(1) as Cnt
from Employees
where Donut = 'yes'
  and AmountEaten >= 10
group by [Name]
order by Cnt desc;

After your edit:

select top (1)
    , sum(AmountEaten) as TotalEaten
from Employees
where Donut = 'yes'
group by [Name]
order by TotalEaten desc;
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The trick is to group by name. Then order by count(*) descending, and clip off the top 1.

select top 1 max(name)
  from employeeTreats
 where donut='Yes'
   and amountEaten >= 10
 group by name
 order by count(*) desc
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