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I have a problem with Java 1.5.0 for AIX. The error happens just when I log on with specific user on AIX (myuser). When I log on with other user java works ok.

The error come up even when I executed just "java -version" or simply "java" (of course, without quoting). I've tried executing it with the full path: /usr/java5/jre/bin/java but still fails.

There was installed the version 1.4 of java on system too. So the $PATH variable for the user contained /usr/java14/jre/bin, but I removed that value, I even uninstalled that version of java (1.4) so that just java 5 exists on the system, but the error continues.

If I execute "java -fullversion" it doesn't crash.

This is part of the error (the full output is very long):

JVMJ9VM011W Unable to load j9dmp23: No such file or directory
JVMJ9VM011W Unable to load j9jit23: No such file or directory
JVMJ9VM011W Unable to load j9gc23: No such file or directory
JVMJ9VM011W Unable to load j9vrb23: No such file or directory
Unhandled exception
Type=Illegal instruction vmState=0x00000000
J9Generic_Signal_Number=00000010 Signal_Number=00000004 Error_Value=00000000
Handler1=F0719CC8 Handler2=F0714F5C
Target=2_30_20091103_45935_bHdSMr (AIX 5.3)
CPU=ppc (4 logical CPUs) (0x7d0000000 RAM)

    _j2se_j9=70912 (extra info: F070EA2C)
    vfprintf (extra info: 300017A4)
    _port_library (extra info: F070EE30)
Note: "Enable full CORE dump" in smit is set to FALSE and as a result there will be limited threading information in core file.
Note: dump may be truncated if "ulimit -c" is set too low
Generated system dump: {default OS core name}

(no Thread object associated with thread)

(no Thread object associated with thread)
Unhandled exception in signal handler
ksh: 2179192 IOT/Abort trap(coredump)
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I found the error. The problem is a line on the .profile which sets the environment variable LIBPATH:

export LIBPATH=/home/myuser/sys

I deleted that line in the .profile and java worked.

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Which library was in that directory and made Java crash? Just for curiosity. –  Roland Illig Jun 5 '11 at 6:55
On the path that was creating conflicts there are several .so files of a program called CS2 –  newbieguy Jun 10 '11 at 14:48

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