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iv'e got a problem to receive a complete array (with all the data of the embedded childs collections and objects) of my document. My document looks exactly like this one:

use Doctrine\Common\Collections\ArrayCollection;

/** @Document(collection="user") */
class User {

/** @Id */
protected $id;

/** @String */
protected $firstname;

/** @String */
protected $lastname;

/** @EmbedMany(targetDocument="Email") */
protected $email;

/** @EmbedMany(targetDocument="Address") */
protected $address;

/** @EmbedMany(targetDocument="Subscription") */
protected $subscription;

* Construct the user
* @param   array $properties
* @throws  User_Exception
public function __construct(array $properties = array()) {

    $this->email = new ArrayCollection();
    $this->address = new ArrayCollection();
    $this->subscription = new ArrayCollection();

    foreach($properties as $name => $value){
        $this->{$name} = $value;



I need a complete array of an embedded collection to output the whole data and render it by json. My query looks like this:

$query = $this->_dbContainer->getDocumentManager()->createQueryBuilder('User')->field('deletedAt')->exists(false);                          
$result = $query->field('id')->equals($id)->getQuery()->getSingleResult();

For example, if i call the toArray() function like this:

$array = $result->getSubscription()->toArray();

Then the output ist just an array on top level:

[0] => Object Subscription...
[1] => Object Subscription...

How can i easily get an array like this?

[0] => array('subscriptionLabel' => 'value1', 'field' => 'value1', ...)
[1] => array('subscriptionLabel' => 'value2', 'field' => 'value2', ...)

Are there any best practises or maybe some missing helper scripts to prevent something ugly like this code (how to handle child -> child -> child szenarios? ugly -> ugly ugly -> ugly ugly ugly -> ...):

$example = array();
foreach($result->getSubscription() as $key => $subscription) {
    $example[$key]['subscriptionLabel'] = $subscription->getSubscriptionLabel();
    $example[$key]['field'] = $subscription->getField();

Thanks a lot, Stephan

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Damn simple answer! Just use ->hydrate(false) and it's done.

For find queries the results by default are hydrated and you get document objects back instead of arrays. You can disable this and get the raw results directly back from mongo by using the hydrate(false) method:


$users = $dm->createQueryBuilder('User')

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Yes, but what if you have schema migration logic within your model? All this would get skipped if you bypass the hydrate. –  anushr Dec 1 '11 at 7:51
if you have schema migration logic, you could implement a toArray()-Function for your Documents where you load all the get() methods of the Document and return it as an array –  Gigala May 2 '13 at 11:28

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