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In devise invitable, the invite! method does the following:

def invite!
        if new_record? || invited?
          self.skip_confirmation! if self.new_record? && self.respond_to?(:skip_confirmation!)
          generate_invitation_token if self.invitation_token.nil?
          self.invitation_sent_at = Time.now.utc
          save(:validate => false)

However, because I wanted devise to use PostageApp, I created a new mailer called new_devise_mailer.rb which is basically the same as devise mailer, but inherits PostageApp.

In the config/initialization/devise.rb file, I set config.mailer = "NewDeviseMailer" instead of "Devise:Mailer"

How can the invitable module know to use the new mailer?

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The invitable module should automatically use NewDeviseMailer since it calls Devise.mailer, not Devise::Mailer and you changed the default mailer in the initializer.

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okay, I see, so Devise.mailer will point to NewDeviseMailer. Does NewDeviseMailer have to inherit the DeviseMailer, or can I do as I described, which is to have the methods the same, but it inherits from postageApp instead of from ActionMailer? –  Angela Jun 11 '11 at 6:04
From what I understand of this discussion, I think you could try class NewDeviseMailer < PostageApp::Mailer and do something like extend Devise::Mailer to make the Devise mailer class methods available. –  David Jun 11 '11 at 15:05

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