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I am transferring files from a directory on a remote host and a trigger fires jobs when interval arrives for this job.But i want be sure that if a job still working on a storage (downloading of files not yet finished) when trigger fire time arrives ,quartz going to skip this interval.I try to use this c r on_trigger.MISFIRE_INSTRUCTION_DO_NOTHING but i seems it only for if there is no available thread for job.

public CronTrigger scheduleJob(RemoteJob job, String cronExpression,Date firstFireTime) throws SchedulerException, ParseException {
    JobDetail jobDetail = new JobDetail(job.getDescription(), job.getName(), job.getClass());
    CronTrigger crTrigger = new CronTrigger(
            "cronTrigger", job.getName(), cronExpression);       
    scheduler.scheduleJob(jobDetail, crTrigger);    
    return crTrigger;

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Create a TriggerListener that tracks if one of your download jobs is running, and and then return true for vetoing the execution of the other type of job.

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I did as you say

public boolean vetoJobExecution(Trigger trigger, JobExecutionContext context) { 

    try {

        List<JobExecutionContext> jobs = 

        for (JobExecutionContext job : jobs) {

            if (job.getTrigger().equals(context.getTrigger()) && 
!job.getJobInstance().equals(this)) {

                _logger.info("There's another instance running,So job discarded  " + context.getJobDetail().getGroup()+ ":"+context.getJobDetail().getName());
                return true;
    } catch (SchedulerException ex) {

     return  true;

    return false;
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