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Good time of a day!

I have win 2008 R2 server with .net mvc project and other Ubuntu Linux with memchaed installed.

I have Eniym Memcached connector to memcached.

But when I try to run any memcached query I get:

An error occurred creating the configuration section handler for enyim.com/memcached: Could not load type 'e.Caching.Configuration.MemcachedClientSection' from assembly 'Enyim.Caching'.

Enyim web.config section:

    <sectionGroup name="enyim.com">
      <section name="memcached" type="e.Caching.Configuration.MemcachedClientSection, Enyim.Caching" />
    <add address=" real ip, connect to other server)" port="11222" />
      <socketPool deadTimeout="00:00:10" />

Controller action:

using Enyim.Caching;
using Enyim.Caching.Memcached;
public string About()
            MemcachedClient memCache = new MemcachedClient();
            memCache.Store(StoreMode.Set, "testkey", "testcontent");
            return "some string";

Where can be the problem?

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There's a good example here.

I think you want "Enyim.Caching.Configuration.MemcachedClientSection" where you currently have "e.Caching.Configuration.MemcachedClientSection"

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