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A repository has a C project in Visual Studio. The project is going to run on a mobile device. I am on OSX and would like to compile and contribute to the project. (Assume parallels is not an options, that I do not have a Windows license or a Visual Studio license) Just downloading the C files would be enough except they are also using DLL which are also windows only.

Is there any way I can reconstruct this in an OSX compiler so I can build the files?

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This is not clear. It seems you are in need of a cross-compiler. But it's not clear to me which platform you are actually targeting. – David Heffernan May 27 '11 at 18:41
One team is working in Windows and using DLLs in their project, instead of just .h files. I want to build the project on the machine I have here, running OSX, but I do not know of a way to use DLLs on OSX. The platforms of the machines here aren't relevant to development because the executable runs on a third kind of device using the already cross-platform SDK. – CQM May 27 '11 at 18:50
Can you use Visual Studio Express Edition and Wine or you're looking for a native cross-compiler? – fardjad May 27 '11 at 18:54
I dont know, can I? If thats a solution go ahead and post it as an answer – CQM May 27 '11 at 19:08
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It looks like you need a cross-compiler that produces a Windows binary on Mac OS X.

Have a look at the MinGW compilers for Mac OS X available here. You won't be able to use the existing Visual Studio project but MinGW should be sufficient to compile the C files and link to the provided DLLs.

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You can download and install Wine using MacPorts or you can just use WineSkin which is a GUI Wrapper for Wine on MacOS X. Go and grab Visual Studio 2010 Express Edition ISO image and install the application on Wine. Then you can open the VS project and try compiling it.

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Based on your comments I think you need to run Windows DLLs on OSX without using a Windows VM. Assuming that you can't recompile the DLLs to target OSX, I think that your only realistic solution is to use Wine.

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