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Is it at all possible to get Core Data to allow assignment of NSNull? I'm using the JSONKit and it defaults to assigning NSNull. I'd prefer to be able to do my deserialization like this:

- (void)deserialize:(NSDictionary *)dictionary
{ = [dictionary objectForKey:@"name"];

Instead of like this:

- (void)deserialize:(NSDictionary *)dictionary
   NSNull *null = [NSNull null];
   NSString *value = [dictionary objectForKey:@"name"]; = (value != null) ? value : nil;
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One thought would be to create a category for NSDictionary. The category could then contain this behavior.

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Thanks. Sounds like a good idea. – Kevin Sylvestre May 27 '11 at 18:59

I don't think this is possible with CoreData to do this.

But if code concision if what you are looking for, you could just use macros :

#define NULL_NIL(_O) _O != [NSNull null] ? _O : nil
#define DICT_GET(_DICT, _KEY) NULL_NIL([_DICT objectForKey:_KEY])
#define DICT_GET_INT(_DICT, _KEY) [DICT_GET(_DICT, _KEY) intValue]

Not what I would say optimized, but brings concise and readable code :

- (void)deserialize:(NSDictionary *)dictionary
{ = DICT_GET(dictionary, @"name");
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If you have to deal with multiple collection types (not just dictionaries), you could create a category on NSNull:

@implementation NSNull (NSNull_nilIfNull)
+ (id)nilIfNull:(id)object {
    if (object == [self null]) {
        return nil;
    return object;


theValue = [NSNull nilIfNull:[array objectAtIndex:someIndex]];

But I must say it adds unnecessary verbosity. I like the idea of using the Vincent G's preprocessor macros to keep the code readable.

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