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in the onDraw(Canvas canvas1) method i see how it is possible to draw shapes using the passed argument of "canvas1". However, if i were to create a new Canvas object example":

Canvas canvas2 = new Canvas();
Paint paint = new Paint();

canvas2.drawRect(55,87,130,600, paint);

canvas2 won't be displayed on screen, how can i get it displayed together with the canvas1 object?

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Are you trying to draw layers? Perhaps you need to use a viewgroup such as FrameLayout with two children views: one using canvas1, the other using canvas2.

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When you create canvas using Canvas() constructor, your get an empty raster canvas. As per documentation:

Construct an empty raster canvas. Use setBitmap() to specify a bitmap to draw into.

This means that your drawings are just thrown away unless you explicitly attach bitmap to Canvas object.

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I'm using custom ImageViews rendered in a FrameLayout as I explained in this thread.

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