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I need to do some basic validation on a form. The form data is broken up among 5 tabs, and the user should be able to submit the form from any tab. So far so good. If the user hasn't filled in a field, or has entered invalid data I want to stay on the current tab, display an error message and cancel the tab switch.

I have tried the various events that I can find. Does anybody have any idea if this is possible and how I might achieve it? I would prefer to keep it on the client side in javascript if possible.

Using a code sample such as below.

<rich:tabPanel selectedTab="Info" switchType="client" contentClass="hz-record-tabpanel" ontabchange="doTabChange();"  onbeforeitemchange="doTabChange();" onbeforetabchange="doTabChange();">
                <rich:tab name="Info" label="Tab Label" onlabelclick="doTabChange();">
                    <ui:include src="info.xhtml" />
                <rich:tab name="Officers" label="Officers" onlabelclick="doTabChange();" ontableave="doTabChange();">
                    <ui:include src="officers.xhtml" />
                <rich:tab name="CardServices" label="Card Services" onlabelclick="doTabChange();">
                    <ui:include src="cardservices.xhtml" />
                <rich:tab name="M2MLimits" label="M2M Limits" onlabelclick="doTabChange();">
                    <ui:include src="m2mlimits.xhtml" />
                <rich:tab name="AccountServices" label="Account Services" onlabelclick="doTabChange();">
                    <ui:include src="accountservices.xhtml" />

Any Ideas?

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This is the kind of button I use to close a rich:modalPanel after a good validation :

<a4j:commandButton id="btnModify" value="Modifier" actionListener="#{editCityActions.onButtonModifyClick}" data="#{facesContext.maximumSeverity.ordinal ge 2}" oncomplete="if(event.data == false) { #{rich:component('frmEditCity')}.hide(); }" render="tblCities" />

I think you can apply an event with a4j:ajax or something like that!

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I was hoping to keep it on the client side. –  Tristan Aug 24 '11 at 10:28
I've never used javascript to know if there are errors on validation (like facesContext.maximumSeverity.ordinal), but maybe there is something to do it. If I find something, I'll let you know! –  Alexandre Lavoie Aug 27 '11 at 23:35
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We eventually moved to Richfaces 4 (4.2) and I am successfully using itemchange and beforeitemchange


These events fire twice (haven't figured that one out yet) so you don't want anything too intensive in the handler code.

If beforeitemchange returns false (twice) then the tabpanel will not switch.

I am using the itemchange event to fire any extra javascript to format data, and place focus on the first input field in the form on that tab.

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