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In Google Appengine, I'm interested in pickling an object and storing it in the datastore. I don't need to index it.

Is there any difference if I store it as a BlobProperty or TextProperty? Which one is better?

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BlobProperty can store binary data while TextProperty can store only strings.

You can use BlobProperty as TextProperty is basicly a BlobProperty with encoding.

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NDB now offers : PickleProperty.

Value is a Python object (such as a list or a dict or a string) that is serializable using Python's pickle protocol; the Datastore stores the pickle serialization as a blob. Unindexed by default.

Optional keyword argument: compressed.

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Never mind. I just ran tests with both. It appears that you cannot use TextProperty with pickle. It will cause errors. Using it with BlobProperty, on the other hand, works perfectly.

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