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I have a listview and i am getting the data from sqlite database. My problem is to delete a row which user selected it from listview. I can delete all table by

dbConn.delete("Restobj", null,null);

But i cant delete a single row which is selected from listview.

Please Help

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You essentially need to get the row id from the selected ListView item. Using the row id you can easily delete that row:

String where = "_id = " + _id;
db.delete(TABLE_NAME, where, null);

After deleting the row item make sure you get the ListView adapter cursor and do a requery. If you don't you will not see the updated table, hence updated ListView.

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Make use of those other two parameters to the delete method. Take a look at the API documentation for more information.


Pass in something other than null.

Also, try searching on stackoverflow and/or Google for this topic. The answers are plentiful.

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You need to supply the appropriate values to the database object. I'm assuming that dbConn is an instance of a database object. If that is the case, you can pass in dbConn.delete() with 3 arguments. The first argument is the table name. The second is the whereClause. This is something similar to:

"id = " + objectDatabaseId

The final variable in this case you can leave blank. The end result is something like:

String whereClause = "id = " + objectDatabaseId;
dbConn.delete("Restobj", whereClause, null);

As a side note, it's better to use constants when referring to table names and table columns as apposed to "Restobj" you should have something like RestObject.TABLE_NAME where the constant is defined as a static final String inside of the RestObject.


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