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Here's my code. I keep getting errors at the line where I call get(). I'm trying to use delimiters:

char* spamdir = argv[1];

char* hamdir = argv[2];
char* dictname = argv[3];
ofstream* outp = new ofstream;
ifstream* read = new ifstream;
DIR *sdp = opendir(spamdir);
struct dirent *directory;
char* word = (char*)malloc(256);
while(directory = readdir(sdp))
    cout << directory->d_name << endl;
    char* name = directory->d_name;
    char* filepath = (char*) malloc(100);
        cout <<"sweet\n";

        read->get(word,255," ");
        cout << word  << endl;
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1. What is the code doing? 2. What do you want it to do? 3. Why are you allocating istream and ostream objects with new when there's no reason to? 4. Why not use std::string if you're going to be using iostreams? –  Billy ONeal May 27 '11 at 23:25
5. Why use malloc when you're using C++? –  Seth Carnegie May 27 '11 at 23:27

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You don't tell us what the error is, but my guess is that the problem is that the delimiter argument in std::istream::get() needs to be a char, but you are passing a string. Try using ' ' instead of " ".

An easier way to do this is to use std::getline(), something like this:

std::string word;
while (std::getline(*read, word, ' ')) {
    std::cout << word << std::endl;

Any time you use malloc in a C++ program, you are probably doing things the hard way.

(BTW, whenever you have compiler error messages, it is a good idea to include those messages in your question.)

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