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Im trying to create a small application like spotify (Music streaming software). can someone please explain to me how i might configure the server end, what servers i need to build and how i can stream the media files to the player on another computer. Thanks

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Java Media Framework has some support for this. But it's quite outdated now. Google for Java Media Framework and you can get some examples.

You can make your own RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) Server by dealing with a little bit of socket programming. Take a look at this : http://www.cs.umbc.edu/~pmundur/courses/CMSC691C/Server.html

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Most popular streaming format is ShoutCast (IceCast). There are several projects written in java that support streaming music with this format:

Streaming media files is simply sending chunks of the audio data (or OGG packets for OGG Vorbis) plus some metadata. Managing many users is a bit more difficult. I'd recommend you to use and expand existing software. Both are under GPL license.

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