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Hey guys, new developer here.

Me and some buddies want to code up a project and are unsure of what the current best practices are for file sharing and what not. Last thing I've done was use FTP with my godaddy hosting account... Not the greatest experience truth be told. So I'd like to know about some solutions for both Windows and Linux Apache projects.

I've heard of Git but have no idea for setting it up/how it's used, and what's different from FTP.

I guess I'll leave my query at that, relatively open-ended. I suppose one of my problems is that I'm not exactly sure what to ask and look into.

Thanks SO.

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git is a very different tool from FTP. FTP just moves files between two computers, and rather awkwardly at that. sftp is a much better protocol and tool.

git is probably best understood as a distributed source code control system. It keeps track of checkins, allows merging checkins from other branches of development or other users, and you can roll back specific changes if you find they were committed in error. You can get logs of who checked in what, when, and why.

git is only a thousand times better than trying to develop software via ftp on some shared hosting environment. :)

You might wish to investigate hosting your project at https://github.com/ -- seems pretty popular, very easy to use.

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+1 for github, be sure to checkout their help pages help.github.com more specifically, their "bootcamp", that should get you started. There are some alternatives, but I haven't found anything to be as user-friendly and easy as github. You might be interested in this thread as well stackoverflow.com/questions/109440/…. good luck! –  Geoff Lanotte May 28 '11 at 3:47

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