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is there a simple way to set the tooltip property of a listview item to be a balloon? Typically all i would do is:

Tooltip tt = new Tooltip("This is a tooltip");
tt.isBalloon = true;

but how do i do this for a listview item

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There isn't an easy way to change the tooltip on a ListView. See this blog for a detailed explanation of why.

ObjectListView -- an open source wrapper around a standard WinForms ListView -- does a reasonable amount of work for you so that you can show enhanced tool tips with minimal effort on your part.

Tooltip on an ObjectListView

Even if you don't want to use ObjectListView, you can still look at the code to see how it is done (admittedly, in the case of tool tips, there was a lot of work done and it would be tricky to extract that work into another project)

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You can manually show ToolTip when mouse is over certain item

check this article

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