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I have a form with 2 input fields email and password(hidden) . I'm trying to generate a random value as below but failed to bind password(hidden) value after submit.

$password = substr(md5(rand(100000, 999999)), 0, 6);


Form has the setNameformat with:


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Hmmm, you could try setting a default value: $this->setDefault('password', $password); Sorry I can't offer a solution to your described problem... I've only accomplished filling hidden forms by using default values. –  Steve Adams May 28 '11 at 4:48

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If a doctrine (or propel) form, I would do this by setting the values on the object before passing to the form constructor, and completely removing the widget from the form.


$o = new DoctrineOrPropelObject;
$f = new DoctrineOrPropelObjectForm($o);

Then display/save the form as usual - the password value will be passed right through the form process to the database when saved.

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if you use this:


then your form input fields can be retrieved in single variable:


and the value that you want to assign need to be set with something like:

$request->setParameter('user[password]', $password);

Reference can be found here.


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You can override the save method of your form and add $this->values[$field] = $value;

Something like this:

public function save($con = null) 
        $this->values['owner_id'] = $this->values['owners_ids'][2];` 
        return parent::save($con); 
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