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I have an image in image-view and i want to save image from image-view to gallery or any storage space can anyone tell me how to do this??? Thank you.

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In short, you get the bitmap rom the drawing cache:

bitmap = Bitmap.createBitmap(v1.getDrawingCache());

There are several questions here with answers showing full code:

These are methods of the View class, so they are applicable to any derived one (including ImageView)

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+1: I wanted to extract the image from imageview. Works perfect for me !!! Thnx @Aleadam. –  Abhishek Bedi Jun 11 '13 at 13:47

You could hold a Bitmap Object in Background this piece of code:

Matrix matrix = new Matrix();
matrix.postScale(scaledWidth, scaledHeight);

Bitmap resizedBitmap = Bitmap.createBitmap(originalBitmap, 0, 0,
    originalBitmap.width(), originalBitmap.height(), matrix, true); 

And save it later using this code:

OutputStream fOut = null;
File file = new File(strDirectoy,imgname);
fOut = new FileOutputStream(file);

resizedBitmap.compress(Bitmap.CompressFormat.PNG, 0, fOut);
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