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I would like to know how to configure freeglut to work with the Code::Blocks IDE and minGW compiler. I don't have much experience with Code::Blocks and I have tried both glut and freeglut for ages. Any help would be appreciated, including tutorials, etc.

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I found a tutorial which shows how to install glut. I was able to use it to configure freeglut as well. It worked perfectly.

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I wrote this tutorial a while back. They will be including it in an upcoming version of code::blocks so it will eventually make this tutorial obsolete. But for now, you can run this tutorial just fine. Remember Glut / Glut32 in general are OLD ( 2001 ) propriatary libraries. But freeGlut is always up to date. So its better to use freeGlut instead.


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I found a tutorial which tells step by step with images to solve all problems in configuration Configure codeblocks with Freeglut Opengl

Hope This Will Helpful..

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