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Is it possible to shuffle randomly, values in rows or columns in a excel sheet. Is there any function/macro for that? How do i do this?


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Hm... just as simple solution without programming. For example, you have a column of data (A):


Just add another one column - B. Each cell of column B must be a function RAND():

A     B
--    --
23    =RAND()
78    =RAND()
12    =RAND()
78    =RAND()

Now you can sort rows by column B and get desired solution.

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Simple and works well. Statistical validity needs to be tested though. PS: I ended up going with =RANDINBETWEEN(1,n_rows) – shaunakde Apr 16 '15 at 15:28

Let's assume your values are in cells A1:A8

  1. Enter the formula =RANDBETWEEN(1,100000)+ROW()/100000 in cells B1:B8
  2. Enter the formula =RANK(B1,$B$1:$B$8) in cells C1:C8
  3. Enter the formula =INDEX($A$1:$A$8,C1) in cells D1:D8

Every time you calculate (hit F9), a newly shuffled list will appear in cells D1:D8

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@Ejames: I did not see a function RANDBETWEEN in my excel version(Office 2003). How do i get that function or am i missing anything? – goldenmean Mar 6 '09 at 9:58
@goldenmean: It is part of the "Analysis ToolPak" add-in, which comes with Excel, but isn't always enabled. If you do a search for RANDBETWEEN in Excel help, it provides some information on how to install it. – e.James Mar 6 '09 at 15:55

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